We believe that God’s radical hospitality calls Manitou Conference to:

  • Journey into new ways of being church and,
  • Understand and engage with the struggle for dignity and economic justice for our neighbours and God’s Creation

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Manitou Conference’s LAST General Meeting is Here!

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Niagara Youth Festival 2018

Youth around Manitou Conference will once again travel south to the Niagara Youth Festival in October 2018.

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M & P Webinar

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First Contact – Mini Series

Most Canadians have never taken the time to get to know Indigenous People or visit their communities. First Contact takes six average Canadians, all with strong opinions about Indigenous People, on a unique 28-day journey into Indigenous Canada. Leaving their everyday lives behind the six will travel deep into Winnipeg, Nunavut, Alberta, Northern Ontario, and the coast of BC to visit Indigenous communities.  Click here for more information.

Erik Mathiesen Joins North Bay Presbytery

Erik Mathiesen, the Executive Officer of Finance at the General Council Office, joined North Bay Presbytery at their April 21st, 2018 court meeting to present “Finance/Treasurer/Trustee Workshop:  When to Pay Special Attention”.  In this presentation, Erik covered many topics including:  basic treasurer responsibilities, CRA information, Bill 148, and more.

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Click the attachments from the webinar below to download:

  1. The slides from Erik’s presentation;
  2. A Connex newsletter with important financial information about contract/part-time employees;
  3. Erik’s follow-up answers to questions posed in the webinar.

Please forward to anyone at your congregation who would benefit from this.


 North Bay Presbyery LLWL – Police Record Check

Are you an LLWL from North Bay Presbytery?  Then you need to fill out your Annual Declaration for the Police Record Check.  Click here to do this online!

“Truly and Humbly:  Memories of the First Apology”

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Manitou Is Now An Affirming Conference!

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 Manitou Conference Handbook

Now available online, view the Manitou Conference Handbook for 2017-2018 in PDF format.  Click here for The United Church of Canada’s Conference Committees and Presbytery Committees guidelines (August 2013).

Letters from the General Secretary

The General Secretary of the United Church of Canada, Nora Sanders, sends out letters to the UCC.

January 5, 2018

January 25, 2018

February 9, 2018

March 16, 2018

April 9, 2018 – Humbodlt Broncos Tragedy

May 4, 2018

August 1, 2018

Moderator’s Corner

Moderator’s Welcome Message

Map of Manitou Conference

Map of Manitou Conference

2017/2018 Prayer List

Manitou Conference Prayer List 2018

We have departed from our usual format for preparing this fall’s conference prayer list.
Instead of scheduling congregations and ministry personnel from within Manitou for each Sunday of the church year, Susan has prepared a roster of faith communities and ministry personnel serving in Algoma and Cambrian Presbyteries.
We hope that you will enjoy the opportunity to get to know the places and ministers who will soon be our colleagues and neighbours in Region 6.
I know that some of our congregations include this each week in the Sunday bulletin – and a few even send a copy each week to those being prayed for.
Perhaps this is something you’d like to pick up for the weeks between now and the New Year!

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