Conference Committees

Manitou Conference Executive 2017-2019

President:  Kathie Smith

Past President:  Stewart Walker

President Designate:  VACANT

General Council Executive Lay Rep:  Janice Brownlee

General Council Executive Ministry Personnel Rep:  Erin Todd

North Bay Presbytery – Ministry Personnel Rep:  Tracy Davis

North Bay Presbytery – Lay Rep:  Peter Haddow

Spirit Dancing Presbytery – Ministry Personnel:  Cindy Desilets

Spirit Dancing Presbytery – Lay Rep:  Barb Cunnington

Sudbury Presbytery – Ministry Personnel:  Linda Saffrey

Sudbury Presbytery – Lay Rep:  Barbara Nott

MPESI Chairperson:  Mary-Jo Tracy

FINANCE Chairperson:  Bill Jones

STAFF Committee Chairperson:  Janice Brownlee

LIRR Committee Chairperson:  Maxine McVey

Affirming Ministry Rep:  Peter Haddow

UCW Rep:  Dawn Monroe

Conference Staff Resource:  Will Kunder

Minute Taker:  Susan Whitehead


Finance Committee

Finance Committee Chairperson:  Bill Jones

Spirit Dancing Presbytery Rep:  Barb Cunnington

Sudbury Presbytery Rep:  Dave Clarke

North Bay Presbytery Rep:  Gordon Roberts

Member at Large:  Janet Ross

Member at Large:  Stuart Taggart

Treasurer:  VACANT

Conference Staff Resource:  Will Kunder

Minute Taker:  Susan Whitehead


MPESI Committe

MPESI Chairperson:  Mary-Jo Tracy

Secretary:  Joan MacGillivray

Internship Chairperson:  Kathleen McCallum

Sudbury Rep:  Sylvia Carscadden

Sudbury Rep:  Marguerite Hayes

Spirit Dancing Rep:  Joy Galloway

Sudbury Rep:  Maxine McVey

NB MPE, Lay:  Barbara Lee

Chair E &S Spirit Dancing:  Judith Visser

Conference Personnel Minister:  Lillian Robert (Staff Resource)


Staff Committee

Chairperson:  Janice Brownlee

Secretary:  Cory Vermeer-Cuthbert

North Bay Presbytery Rep:  Denis Landry

Sudbury Presbytery Rep:  Erin Todd

Spirit Dancing Presbytery Rep:  Ruth Anthony

CES:  Will Kunder

CPM:  Lillian Roberts

MMSA:  Melody Duncanson Hales

OC:  Susan Whitehead


Affirming Ministry Committee

Chairperson – VACANT

Peter Haddow (Rep to Executive)

Dawn Vaneyk

Rick Thorne

Gailand MacQueen

Lillian Roberts


Living Into Right Relations (LIRR)

Chairperson – Maxine McVey

Carol Germa

Teresa Jones

Paul Allard

Susan Lindquist

Lisa Blais

Will Kunder (Staff Resource)


Conference Assessment Team (CAT)

Rich McCallum

Linda Saffrey

Ted Harrison

Lynda Sarginson

Brenda Lumsden

Lynda Todd

Lillian Roberts (Staff Resource)


Mission Support Grant Committee (MSG)

Carole Dobbs

Ron Holotuk

Kathy Mutch

Melody Duncanson Hales (Staff Resource)

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