General Meeting 2018


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Emergency Contact:

ACCOMMODATIONS: Please selcect one:

MAKE OWN ARRANGEMENTS PERSONALLY. (Hotel/motel/bed & breakfast accommodation is your own responsibility and expense - please see attached accommodations list on the website for Manitou Conference on the HOME page)

REQUIRE BILLET**. Billets will be provided on a first-come basis. No billet requests can be guaranteed after the deadline (there are a limited number of billets available). Once you have accepted a billet, please have the courtesy to follow through or inform us as soon as possible of any changes. Someone will be in contact with you shortly. Thank you!

Do you have mobility issues and need a shuttle between churches? (The churches are two blocks apart)

Arrival Time:

Will you be bringing children to the Conference?

Will you be needing childcare?

Photo Authorization:

I grant the right to use photos of me taken at this event by The United Church of Canada in all media, without limitation, audio visual, print and web formats, and in connection with advertising, sale and publicizing of any such use, including digital. (Please note: if this waiver is not checked off, group photos will not include you)

No Payment Required (unless you are an observer).

The registration fee for the General Meeting is included in the assessments paid by Pastoral Charges to Presbytery for Conference.

IF YOU ARE AN OBSERVER, the cost of attending will be $65.00 for the weekend. Please press the SEND button below AND contact the Registrar, Susan Whitehead, at: (705) 474-3350. THANK YOU!

Please press the SEND button below to submit your registration form. Thank you!!

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