Minute For Right Relations

Below, you will find the first in a series of communiques prepared by our Manitou Right Relations Home Group. With the endorsement of Conference Executive, the intention is to offer a brief, monthly educative piece that could be read in worship, printed in the Sunday bulletin, read at the start of a meeting or study group or used for personal reflection.

M4RR #1 – We Are All Treaty People

M4RR #2 – Smudging

M4RR #3 – The Route to Understanding

M4RR #4 – Myths about Indigenous Peoples

M4RR #5 – Walking with our Sisters (Murdered & Missing Indigenous)

M4RR #6 – Writing & Re-writing the Basis of Union and The UCC Crest

M4RR #7 -The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)

M4RR #8 – The Memory Project

M4RR #9 – The Pow Wow

M4RR #10 – The Four Sacred Medicines

M4RR #11 – An Excerpt from INDIAN HORSE by Richard Wagamese

M4RR #12 – Praying to the Four Directions

M4RR #13 – Responding to the TRC Report

M4RR #14 – Decolonization, Geez Magazine Fall 2015

M4RR #15 – The Doctrine of Discovery

M4RR #16 – “Children of the Broken Treaty” Book Review (Summer 2016)

M4RR #17 – Finally! An Inquiry into Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women


M4RR # 19 – “We Are All Treat People” Education Kit

M4RR #20 – New Year’s Resolutions

M4RR #21 – Will She Be Home For Supper?

M4RR # 22 – The Blanket Exercise

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