Mission Fair – GM 2017

Oh, The Places We’ll Go! 

Manitou Conference Mission Fair at General Meeting

Friday June 2, 10am – 1 pm

REGISTRATION for the Mission Fair is NOW CLOSED

Where has your congregation left its mark? Share the story!

You are invited to be an exhibitor at the Manitou Conference Mission Fair on Friday, June 2 at Haileybury Pentecostal Church in Haileybury, Ontario. Show us your church’s mission!

Our Manitou Mission Fair is an opportunity to share your church’s mission in a visual form, like a trade show or a science fair exhibit. Some ideas for display are photographs, digital slide shows, presentation boards and hand outs.  The fair will be set up in the worship space of our General Meeting, and can remain throughout the meeting as a reminder to us of all the places we’re called to go!

We hope that you can join us prior to the opening of our general meeting for an informal gathering and learning time. Special guests of our ‘pre-meeting’ Mission Fair will include:

  • Catherine Christie, returning overseas personnel from South Korea
  • Ruth Noble, Mission and Service Animator for the United Church of Canada
  • David Armour, Executive Minister of Philanthropy, United Church of Canada
  • Chris Pullenayegem, Church in Mission, United Church of Canada
  • Project HOAP, North Bay – an affordable housing project supported by the Mission and Service of the United Church of Canada

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and joy in sharing Christ’s mission globally and locally! I look forward to seeing you and your church’s mission at the Mission Fair on June 2, 2017 at Haileybury Pentecostal Assembly!

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