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M & P Committee Webinar

Please join us for an M & P Committee webinar on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 from 7-9pm.

Webinar Content Includes:

  • M&P Cmtes and the new denominational structures -where do you turn for help and resources
  • Tools to help M&P Cmtes have crucial conversations with ministers and staff – strategies for entering into dialogue about difficult issues

Leadership: Rev. Lillian Roberts, Manitou Personnel Minister

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Ministry of Supervision Refresher Course

Educational Supervisors in Manitou Conference are required to do a “Refresher Training every 5 years” in order to remain recognized.  This course is being sponsored by the Manitou MPESI Committee.

Leadership Team:

  • Rev. Dr. Ted Harrison
  • Rev. Dr. Michael Kooiman
  • Rev. Dr. Abigail Johnson

There is NO COST to those from Manitou Conference.  Those interested from outside Manitou Conference, please email the Personnel Minister, Lillian Roberts, at:  [email protected]

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