Sudbury Presbytery

Our Mission

Seeking Justice        Offering Hope         Celebrating Faith

Within our mission, the role of Presbytery is to bring together pastoral charges, share communication with Conference and the National Church, provide oversight and encourage ministry within Sudbury Presbytery.

Who are We?

We are:


People of God

People of Jesus Christ

People of Sudbury Presbytery, uniquely called, elected

And representative of our various congregations,

People of Manitou Conference within The UnitedChurchofCanada,

Part of a rich history from sea to sea to sea

People of hope in the midst of challenge

People of the Word, who listen for God’s voice

People of our communities, caring for others in need and calling

Our congregations to service and accountability

People of the world, putting into action

The love of Christ wherever it is needed

People of faith who serve God and one another

Following Christ’s example,

Enabling the mission of Christ to become real

People of opportunity, enabling others

To be the church in their local setting,

People of the North, sharing a unique vision and common faith

Over the region of Manitou

People of Sudbury Presbytery, who share the ministry of the church

Through oversight, leadership, and mutual support

Of the congregations in this region,

People of Jesus Christ

People of God


For more information, please contact:

Chair:                                                       Secretary:

David Le Grand                                       Mardi Mumford

72 Young Street                                      13 Kristi Crt.,

Capreol, ON  P0M 1H0                          Lively, ON   P3Y 1B2

(705) 858-2591                                       (705) 692-9520                    



Please click HERE to see the current Sudbury Presbytery Guidelines.


Interested in seeing a Pulpit Supply List for Sudbury Presbytery?  Click here.





Sudbury Presbytery Mission Development Grant, 2015

This grant was established by Sudbury Presbytery from monies received through the generosity of the community of St. Paul’s United Church, through the sale of property. The purpose of this grant is to support and sustain mission and outreach ministries in pastoral charges of the United Church of Canada within Sudbury Presbytery.

Click here for more information.


Sudbury Stewardship Project


The “Stewardship Team” of your Presbytery has been hard at work creating a process that might enable you to both celebrate your joys and hope as a congregation while allowing us to identify areas where we might assist you where you face challenges.   We use the metaphor of “Tending God’s Garden” for this process, and we hope that you will be assured that you are not alone as you face challenges.  In fact, we will gladly provide a facilitator to meet with your leadership team, Board or Council, or, perhaps you would prefer to meet with one or two other congregations.  However you prefer to explore the challenges and rewards of being “church” in every-changing times, we look forward to assisting you.


To begin this process, we ask you to:

1)    Please make use of – and adapt as you need to – the worship resource The Generous Gift of Giving; use it as part of your Board/Council meeting or Sunday worship.

2)    Engage the enclosed Congregational Stewardship Conversation resource Stewardship Conversation Starter with your church leadership.

3)    Contact us ( so we can work with you to book a date for what we hope might be a transformative opportunity for your congregation.

Remember that, though the tendency is to understand “stewardship” as being about money, it is more accurately about how we nurture and effectively use all of the wide range of “gifts” God plants in a given congregation.   We hope and pray that this process will offer you the opportunity to celebrate how you already nurture the gifts within your church.  We at Presbytery hope that this process will offer us: 1) The opportunity to help struggling congregations to identify areas of potential growth; and 2) To collect the celebration stories (we call them “best practices”) and to share them so all the congregations within our Presbytery region can benefit from the hope and ideas.

We are in the process of coordinating congregational gatherings to explore stewardship, and we welcome “regional” events that may include more than one congregational leadership team in the conversation.  Please contact us to arrange a date to meet with a facilitator ( 

We are so thankful for the creative congregational ministries that happen in our area, and we want to hear about them!  We also want to assist you as you face enormous hurdles, such as limited budgets and busy volunteers.  May we, like the leaders of the early Church, hold firm to the belief that, even “during a severe ordeal of affliction, their abundant joy and their extreme poverty have overflowed in a wealth of generosity on their part.”

Wishing you God’s richest Blessings

The Sudbury Presbytery Stewardship Team

John Fraser,  Dave Le Grand  and  Melody Duncanson-Hales





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