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Manitou Intentional Learning Community creates and sustains opportunities in learning for people of the United Church of Canada and for people who make common cause with people of the United Church of Canada. The Community has its physical and administrative home at St. Andrew’s United Church in Sudbury Ontario. It recognizes and lives a broadly local and global commitment to transformational learning for all members of the United Church and its partners and friends.


Why “Intentional”?

The Manitou Learning Community calls itself “intentional” because we are a community of adult learners motivated to learn things that will increase our competence in the areas of common concern to us. There is a clear cut and pragmatic learning goal in sight in each of our various learning opportunities. Is there something you believe you could learn about that would increase your and your community’s well-being and effectiveness? Let us know.

Recent Events include a social justice evening with Sudbury regional youth, a preaching workshop with Rev. Dr. Paul Scott Wilson, a family movie event featuring Happy Feet 2, a conversation with Dr. Ann Simmonds on caring for caregivers…


Manitou Intentional Learning Community charters to:
Seek to discern what God is saying
Learn together
Adopt a holistic approach to learning (engaging heart, mind, body, and soul)
Strive to develop leadership and a love of learning in its members
Be transformative for individuals and the community
Draw generally, but not exclusively, upon local learning resources
Share its learnings beyond its membership
Be accountable to one another for learning together, including self-assessment of individual and group learning, and discerning ongoing and arising needs for education
Have members who have a commitment to each other to meet together on an ongoing basis


How to become a member
Learning Community Membership is by nominal annual membership fee, set initially at $5.00, and subsequently set by the Executive Team and approved by Learning Community as it determines appropriate, and – or — by intentional and accountable participation in at least one on-going Learning Community group.
Any person may join and be in good standing in the Learning Community who fulfills one of these two conditions.
Group members shall be accountable to each other with respect to acceptable levels of participation within groups.
Learning Groups formed by members shall undertake accountability reports annually to the Learning Community, or at the request of the Executive Team.
Members will be regularly informed of Learning Community activities and events.
Members will be eligible to vote at the Learning Community’s annual meeting and to serve on the Executive Team.


Stay tuned to this page for announcements and invitations for new learning opportunities, or for more information, check out our website: MILC


February 17th, 2012

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