Financial Handbooks for Congregations – 2017

Click here to access the Financial Handbook for Congregations just released.



Are you looking for useful financial resources, or follow up from our recent ‘Church Finance Roadshow’ featuring Erik Mathiesen (United Church of Canada Chief Financial Officer) and Keith Stam (Manitou Conference Financial Development Officer)?  Check out these links below!

Treasurer Homepage

Clergy Residence Deduction info (including spreadsheet which shows how you might save on CPP contributions!)

Recorded Treasurer webinars on various topics

Erik’s powerpoint presentation (treasurer’s training)

Treasurers’ Workshop 2012 handout booklet



Seeds of Hope Grant

Are you feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, trying a new form of ministry? If you need help carrying out God’s work, you should check out the Seeds of Hope granting program on The United Church of Canada Foundation’s website.

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