Niagara Youth Festival 2018


You must be a Manitou youth to register for this event with us. If you are from another Conference, please contact your Conference Office.

Parent/Guardian #1:

Parent/Guardian #2:

Emergency Contact #1:

Emergency Contact #2:

Is medication to be given?


Photo Authorization:

I grant the right to use photos of me taken at this event by The United Church of Canada in all media, without limitation, audio visual, print and web formats, and in connection with advertising, sale and publicizing of any such use, including digital. (Please note: if this waiver is not checked off, group photos will not include your child)

Accidents and Medical Care:

I understand that while every care and attention will be given to the health, safety and comfort of the participant, Manitou Conference cannot be held responsible for any accident that may occur.

Should emergency medical care be required, I hereby authorize Manitou Conference staff and/or volunteers to secure such medical advice and services as deemed necessary for the health and welfare of the participant. I agree to accept financial responsibility for costs in excess of the benefits allowed under the Ontario Hospital Insurance Plan.

A CODE OF CONDUCT MUST BE SIGNED BY ALL PARTICIPANTS IN THIS MANITOU CONFERENCE YOUTH EVENT. Please find one on the Home and Youth pages on the Manitou Conference website, print out and hand in at the event.

Since the parent/guardian is unable to sign this form online, please print off the Signatures PDFon the Youth page on Manitou Conference's website, sign and hand in at the event.

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