LIRR Background

What does Right Relations mean?

Being in Right Relationship ultimately means respecting the Sacredness of all life.  We believe this is God’s longing for the earth community, and even for the universe.  The focus of Right Relationship-building in Manitou Conference is on learning how to walk with respect as indigenous and non-indigenous peoples.

The Right Relations Home Group

In 2008, the national United Church brought together Indigenous and non-Indigenous persons from across the Church, who covenanted for 5 years to journey together, to model and facilitate right relations.  At the end of this covenant, Manitou Conference re-mandated this work, knowing that relationship building of this nature is only beginning and of an on-going nature.

The goals of the Home Group are:

  • Consciousness raising amongst the non-indigenous UC population in relation to the Indian Residential Schools and the legacy left with the present Indigenous population;
  • Responding to emergent issues such as murdered & missing Indigenous women and girls;
  • Listening for, responding to and creating opportunities for cross-cultural dialogue;
  • Acknowledgment of Traditional Territory;
  • Collaborating with the national ecumenical organization called KAIROS in their educational and advocacy work towards right relations.

The Home Group presently consists of:  Elizabeth Frazer (North Bay), Carol Germa (Sudbury), Teresa Jones (Powassan), Maxine McVey (Gore Bay), Susan Lindquist (Chapleau), Paul Allard (Cochrane), and Will Kunder, Conference Staff.  

While the Home Group visibly ‘holds’ the commitment of Manitou Conference to continue the journey toward right relations and has initiated action, either as a group or as individuals, much of the action is happening through the participation of Conference Executive and event planning groups, Presbytery committees, congregations, UCWs and friends of the Conference such as the Waabishki Mkwa (White Bear) Singers, the Union of Ontario Indians, local Chiefs and elders.

Participants at the Manitoulin Island Indigenous
Rights workshop show their commitment to truth
and reconciliation. In the foreground are teaching
replicas of wampum belts (“guswenta”) that record
two sacred peace and friendship treaties between eastern
Indigenous peoples and European newcomers.
 Megwiitch, as we continue this on-going journey towards right relations.  It will be a long journey but we have begun.

To contact the Home Group, please call the Manitou Conference Office at: (705) 474-3350 or by email:  [email protected]


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