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Office Coordinator Susan Whitehead 705-474-3350 x 200  or [email protected]

Sue manages the office and provides administrative and clerical support to the Conference Office and Staff. She monitors, coordinates and initiates office systems and procedures and Susan will often be the first person you see or hear when contacting the Conference office.

Susan is a staff resource person to the Executive, Finance and GM/NPG Committees.  If you have any questions, she will be helpful in answering them or figuring out who can!


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Conference Executive Secretary Will Kunder 705-474-3350 x 201  or [email protected]  

Will is an officer of the General Council and Executive Secretary of Manitou Conference.  As General Council staff, Will interprets policies/decisions of General Council to the Conference, and is a liaison between General Council, its Executive and the Conference. Will is a consultant to Manitou’s Executive, President, Treasurer, and Presbytery Executives. He ensures United Church representation in relationships with other communions, organizations and governments.

As Executive Secretary of Conference, Will has responsibility for the biennial General Meeting of Conference and “Neighbours Praising God” event, the Record of Proceedings and the Roll of Conference. Will leads and supervises the Conference staff team, administers the business of the Conference office, and serves as advocate of staff in personnel matters.

He is the staff lead on matters relating to Right Relations with First Nations and other issues of Public Witness.


Melody Duncanson Hales, Mission and Stewardship Animation 705-474-3350 x 203  [email protected]

Melody develops Mission and Stewardship strategies in congregations and outreach ministries in Manitou Conference.  She encourages and develops appropriate leadership to carry out the Mission of Manitou Conference.

As part of the staff team serving Manitou Conference, Melody works to promote the health and well-being of presbyteries and congregations in relation to the polity, practice and ongoing initiatives of The United Church of Canada.

Melody has primary responsibility for animating a mission focus in Manitou Conference. She helps to implement stewardship programs and coordinates Capital Assistance funding.

She works with the Communities in Ministry, Partners in Mission and Philanthropy Units of the General Council.  At the Conference level, Melody resources the Mission Support Grant Committee and Manitou Youth Forum.

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Lillian Roberts, Personnel Minister  705-474-3350 ex 202 [email protected]

Lillian’s role is to resource and provide pastoral care and support to those serving in ministry within Manitou Conference, to be a pastor to pastors. She is also the staff resource to those areas of church life that relate to the Ministry and Employment Policies and Services of the General Council, things like policies related to terms of calls or appointments; resourcing the work of Ministry Personnel Committees; supporting the work of Joint Needs assessments and joint search; education and students’ process; and oversight. In doing this work, she connects closely with the Manitou Conference Ministry Personnel Education and Students and Internship Committee (MPESI).

The Personnel Minister is also the resource person to the two pilot projects currently underway in Manitou Conference; Effective Leadership and Healthy Pastoral Relationships (Sudbury Presbytery) and Candidacy Pathways.  So if you are thinking about ministry, have a question about what the Ministry and Personnel Committee should be doing, need the listening ear of a colleague, or want information about United Church policy, give Lillian a call or drop her an email.

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