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Manitou Becomes an Affirming Conference!!  Click here for more pictures.



Below are some pictures and stories about what some of the churches in Manitou Conference are doing.  You may get some good ideas…

30th Anniversary of the Apology to First Nations Peoples


Trinity Lively – Orange Shirt Days

On Sunday, September 25th, 2016, Trinity UC in Lively engaged in an activity which recognized the struggle of those indigenous children who were sent to residential/mission schools.  The event to recognize Orange Shirt Day officially takes place on September 30th.

We began the discussion last Sunday as the story was told about a small girl and her experience. This past Sunday, we encouraged all to wear the colour orange.  Little orange cut out t-shirts were cut for all to wear (so everyone had something orange on). Each one stated the campaign’s insignia (“Every Child Matters”).

Our bulletins were orange and during children’s time, we retold the story of 6 year old Phyllis and her Orange Shirt… And how it was taken from her in her first day at Mission School and how she felt like she didn’t matter.

The congregation then all stood together and held up our bulletins, which across the back, stated “Every Child Matters”.


Go to  orangeshirtday.org to see more.  The countdown is on!

This is our story as we continue to respond in action with Truth and Reconciliation.

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