Who We Are

Welcome to Manitou Conference of the United Church of Canada.  We are followers of Christ, people of God, neighbours and friends.  We are 60 churches in communities all over Northeastern Ontario and Northwestern Quebec, over 50 ministry personnel and over 7,900 people from all walks of life.

Manitou Conference came into being as the Twelfth Conference of The United Church of Canada at the inaugural meeting held in First United Church, Timmins, Ontario June 19, 20 and 21, 1975.

Manitou Conference is about building healthy community: people growing spiritually and personally, in relationship with God and each other.  We see this in our churches, our ministries and missions; in how we connect with each other, the national United Church of Canada, and with the wider faith community.

As followers of Christ, we are active not only in our local congregations, but are involved in the concerns of our northern region, Canada and our global community.  We are committed to open and direct communication, encouraging each other with new ideas, life long learning, and sharing our experiences.  We are symbols of God’s love in the world, standing up for what we believe, using our gifts and resources for God’s work as God calls us.

We are custodians of one of the great tools of outreach in our country.  Our Mission and Service Fund is amongst the best charitable funds in the world.  Through this Fund we deliver aid in effective ways across the country and around the world.  Wherever we work we find local partners that know the needs and can responsibly and effectively respond to the needs of their communities.  The Mission and Service Fund includes people who think about where each dollar goes so that we get the best bang for our buck.  One dollar to the Mission and Service Fund can affect our neighbours down the street and life around the world.

Our Leadership:

President Kathie Smith

Past President Rev. Stewart Walker


What We Believe

Together, as a regional community of The United Church of Canada, we are currently focusing on two priorities in our ministry and work:

We believe that God’s radical hospitality calls Manitou Conference to:

  • Journey into new ways of being church
  • Understand and engage with the struggle for dignity and economic justice for our neighbours and God’s Creation

Our environment is changing.  We are journeying into new ways of being community.   We are considering the best ways to manage our resources.  New ministries emerge.  Some buildings close.  Sometimes we cry.  Sometimes we laugh.  Always we remember that we are following the One who is always with us.  We are grateful to God for the privilege of living in this age.  And we continue to sing our faith and our hope:

A New Creed

A Song of Faith


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