Sudbury Presbytery

Our Mission

Seeking Justice        Offering Hope         Celebrating Faith

Within our mission, the role of Presbytery is to bring together pastoral charges, share communication with Conference and the National Church, provide oversight and encourage ministry within Sudbury Presbytery.

Who are We?

We are:


People of God

People of Jesus Christ

People of Sudbury Presbytery, uniquely called, elected

And representative of our various congregations,

People of Manitou Conference within The UnitedChurchofCanada,

Part of a rich history from sea to sea to sea

People of hope in the midst of challenge

People of the Word, who listen for God’s voice

People of our communities, caring for others in need and calling

Our congregations to service and accountability

People of the world, putting into action

The love of Christ wherever it is needed

People of faith who serve God and one another

Following Christ’s example,

Enabling the mission of Christ to become real

People of opportunity, enabling others

To be the church in their local setting,

People of the North, sharing a unique vision and common faith

Over the region of Manitou

People of Sudbury Presbytery, who share the ministry of the church

Through oversight, leadership, and mutual support

Of the congregations in this region,

People of Jesus Christ

People of God


For more information, please contact:

Chair:                                                       Secretary:

Barbara Nott                                           Mardi Mumford

1330 Wedgewood Drive                        13 Kristi Crt.,

Sudbury, ON  P3A 3E4                         Lively, ON   P3Y 1B2

(705) 566-3735                                       (705) 692-9520

[email protected]                       [email protected]



Please click HERE to see the current Sudbury Presbytery Guidelines.


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